Webhooks and My Square Online Site

I have an application created with a WebHook subscribed to payment.created event. Will this get triggered by people paying for items on my Square Online site?


Your Webhook receiver is from your application. Your webhost’s Webhook redirect url (registered in Square) must have controller (or handler) on this POST event.

This call will be triggered on [payment.created] from Square if your webhost is able to catch the event on this POST event from Square. Your webhost application must be able to catch this event. For example (asp.net), asp.net using ‘public HttpResponseMessage Post([FromBody]SquarePayload _payload)’
//_payload: Response from Square’s webhook call
//SquarePayload: your custom object to receive Square’s _payload

I am not sure how your web application is created for handling webhook events but I showed how to handle with in ASP.NET.

Please let me know any further issue, I am a developer wishing to learn anything on Square. I may assist your issue. Don’t be shy.


:wave: Yes, payment webhooks will be triggered when a payment takes place across all Square products. This includes Online Store, Appointments, Invoices, Payments API, all Square developed apps that process payments, and all 3rd party applications that use Square to process payments. :slightly_smiling_face: