Price override in create subscription api

Hello. I have a question regarding how price override works when subscribing to a plan with multiple phases. Lets imagine i have created a 3-phased plan:

  • 1st phase lasts 1 month and has no price (is free)
  • 2nd phase lasts 2 months and has a price of $5
  • 3rd phase lasts indefinitely and has a price of $10
    If I create a new subscription to this plan with a price override of $8, will it override every phase or just the last one ? Thank you for the answer in advance.

Are you using our new SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN_VARIATIONS model? If you do you’ll just swap the plan for the phase that you want to update. Otherwise if you use price_override it will override all prices of the subscription. :slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings. I am currently using older version of Square API, so I would like to know how the plan variations work. Current use case for subscription plans goes like this. I have promocodes on my API , which when applied create a discount price override for Square plan . Thsi is acceptable for plans that have singular phase , but not multi-phased plans.
The whole subscription process for my current version of Square API goes like this:

  1. I create a subscription plan and get plan id
  2. When customer enters data for subscription, I create customer, card and subscription with that plan that I created.
    So I would like to know how does the subscription process looks with new plan variation step by step. Thank you for the answer in advance.

Here is the link to our documentation that walks you through the new flow that uses subscription_plan_variation. :slightly_smiling_face: