Monthly subscriptions with custom amounts per customer

The monthly subscription has a base max. amount which can be reduced by performing specified promotional activities during the month.

For example a base figure of $99 could be reduced in activity amounts of say 40c to a max. credit of $20. We will store the result at the end of each month for each customer in our data tables. So you could have subscription amounts of $89, $98.20, $85.40 etc.

Can Square handle these custom
amounts for each customer through the API for the website.

Hi @ktwizard welcome to the forums!

With the Subscriptions API you can create a subscription plan with your base price, but for each customer that you actually create a subscription for using CreateSubscription, you can use the price_override_money to set a custom price for the subscription.

Thank you sjosey for your reply.
I can see this now on the set up set up subscription page.
One final question though.
I will have over 1000 customers so is this an automated process to pick up the price_override_money for each customer?

What do you mean by automated? This will be an API call your application needs to do, so if you call it automatically, then yes…but I feel like I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking?

OK, so I can pre-populate the price_override_money field for each customer each month before running the API. Am I saying this correctly?