Self Management of Subscriptions Payments

I need the ability to manage subscription payments myself. That means, initially the user grants permission, and then I am able to bill the user in the future as necessary.

With Paypal, once we execute a billing agreement for permission, my site is able to bill the user at the appropriate times.

Right now on Square I only see the Subscriptions API, where Square is managing the payments.

Is there an API that will let me obtain authorization in advance to create charges in the future, like I can on Paypal?


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Currently, the Subscriptions API is the only API that will automatically handle recurring payments from the assigned plan_id. You can update the subscription as needed with UpdateSubscription or if you have an entirely custom billing need you can just use the customers saved card on file to charge them as you need with the Payments API. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, the latter is what I was requesting, and I found the details about storing a card here.

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