Point of Sale Transaction vs Payment API

Hello, I am updating our site to use the payment API instead of the transactions API as it will be deprecated in the future per the documentation. When testing out the iOS app I noticed that on success it passes back an transaction_id instead of a payment_id. Passing the transaction_id into the payment API to get information on return does not work of course (though it appears a payment with the transaction_id as an order_id is present though).

Does this mean we will have to implement both the transaction and payment API for the time being to use online payments and Point of Sale? Is there a timeline for which the app will be caught up and use the payment API before the transaction API is deprecated?

Yes, unfortunately for the most part you’ll still need to use the Transactions API, although as you pointed out the transaction_id == order_id so you can also look up the order if needed. See here: https://developer.squareup.com/docs/reader-sdk/what-it-does#working-with-transaction-results---reader-sdk-1

Also, there is no current timeline on when this will be updated, unfortunately, but we’ll definitely let you know once we find more information.