New Order accessible at all via an endoint?

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We are hoping you can assist with a final implementation hurdle we are experiencing. We have integrated with Square POS in order to enable payments via our proprietary payment method and can successfully complete payments and update orders etc. The issue we face is that on completion the Merchant POS returns to a screen with the prior order still present.

In a standard Credit Card payment flow there is a “New sale” button which seems to reset the pos ready for the next order. Is there a way for to access, or trigger that “New Sale” function?

It appears to be available via the iOSSDKs but is it available via APIs?



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Payments API Integration
Point of Sale API
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The “New Sale” function, as seen in the iOS SDKs, is not directly accessible via the Square POS APIs. However, you can achieve a similar result by using the Point of Sale API to initiate a new transaction, which should reset the POS for the next order. For detailed implementation, you may need to refer to the Square Developer Documentation or contact their support for assistance.

What in person payment method are you using? :slightly_smiling_face: