Custom Payment Method - help requested

Hi community

We are looking to add a custom payment method to Square POS that we would like to behave in a similar way to the existing Square terminals.

Ie a merchant can add a sale to the pos and click the custom payment method and the pos waits for payment confirmation from our application before completing the transaction.

We have been able to replicate this via the Virtual Terminal, however we are running into difficulty when using the Square POS app. Wondering if anyone has any advice on how to generate an transaction via the square app that does not immediately complete?

Do we need to create a ‘device’ so that the order is sent there and effectively waits, as occurs with credit card payments?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

And apologies for lack of technical explanation - I am the PM not the developer.



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Square Developer Documentation
Payment API: Process Online and In-Person Payments
Point of Sale API

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At this time payments on the POS will automatically complete unless they’re configured to delay capture. However those payments aren’t available on the API till the payment is completed. :slightly_smiling_face: