OrderServiceCharge gets remitted to the shop owner or app developer

i think that the existence of app_fee_money would possibly indicate that the OrderServiceCharge must be an amount that ultimately is credited to the merchant account, not the app developer but I need to confirm and don’t see it in the docs.

app_fee_money and service charges are completely different things. app_fee_money is how much the developer app took from the payment. Service charges are just additional charges the merchant can impose on an order. The app_fee_money is taken from the overall order, not specific to the service charge. For example, if you have an item worth $7.50, and a service charge of $2.50 (for a total of $10.00), and the developer takes a 1% fee, then app_fee_money should be 1% of $10.00, which is $0.10.

Great, thanks for the confirmation!