Online store not loading after adding lots of items using the catalouge api

I have code which uploads about 50 items a day to my square online store. I’m using the catalouge api for this. I also upload some images(there are no duplicate images uploaded) each of my variations points to the appropriate image. when I open my square store it loads forever and does not show my merchandise. Each of my items has a unique name. I have reached out to support and they were not able to help me. Any input would be appreciated.

Items that are created with the API won’t automatically be added to the online store. You’ll have to wait for the sync to happen or add them manually in the Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there Bryan! I totally understand that and that’s not a problem for me. The problem that I’m having is that:

once I have added the items to my store the loading indicator on the items just loads forever and the items do not load.

I can not sell anything this way. I’m thinking about moving to a wordpress site but I’m having a hard time figuring out what is the best integration to use.
Can you provide any suggestions that I can follow so that I can continue to sell if my square site will not load my items?
Thank you.

Oh, loading time is definitely something to be concerned about. Since this is with the Square Online Store have you reached out to our Customer Success team? :slightly_smiling_face: