Items pushed to sandbox through app in sandbox are not being reflected in sandbox inventory


Wonder if anyone could help me. I am using an API to push items into square. I can see from my API that square is returning a 200 response code and is returning the IDs of the created products.

I can also see in the sandbox api logs of the application that this is being accepted and created. However, when i view the sandbox items the list is still empty. This code has been working successfully for the past few months and has not been changed.

Are there currently any known issues at Square?

Further to the above, I can also see that even if I add a item manually to the Sandbox Items list through the web interface then refresh these disappear.

noticed this occuring staring yesterday…
as well, when list catalog is called, items are returned correctly…
(Edit - clearing browser cache did not work…lol)

I’ve just had confirmation from the Square Dev team that this is a known issue and is being worked on.

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it should be noted, I have not seen this happen in production.
And crazy as it sounds, it started happening to me in sandbox, only after I attempted to batch delete a couple thousand items. Hope it was not me that bugged the sandbox for everyone…lol