Upload multiple images for Square Online using Python API

Does create_catalog_image support adding multiple images to a single catalog item?

We use Square POS for in store and Square Online for our online storefront. I noticed that the square POS inventory system doesn’t seem to allow you to upload more than one image to the website while Square Online lets you upload many. Since it appears the Square API is updating the Square POS inventory and then syncing to Square Online I don’t know if it supports uploading multiple images for a single item.

Since Square Online was from the Weebly acquisition I tried to see if there was a Weebly API but it seems they are not allowing new dev signups since Square bought them.

Does anyone know if multiple image upload to a single catalog item is supported in the Square API?

Hi @roomtocraft, we’re working to bridge the gaps between Square Online’s catalog and the core Catalog feature set, including the management of multiple images per item and variation. We hope to show more on this front very soon.

Are you managing your catalog items via Connect APIs? And are there other features you feel are missing that would help you streamline your process or improve control over your items?

I add items using the bulk csv import on the main Square site. For context we have around 2500 skus.
Some issues we are include:
• Category management between Square and Square Online
o Square Online has separate categories and they don’t stay in sync
o Square Online allows you to have an item in multiple categories but Square doesn’t.
o When adding new items on Square we must manually go in and add new item to that category on Square Online
• Can’t update Square Online visibility
• Square Online item syncing to Facebook doesn’t send current inventory count or stay in sync
• Square Online Categories always show up on the site as there is no way to hide a category
• Would like coupon options that one for any one item. They work for all items or items in specific categories not something like 30% off a single item.
• Square Online product ordering doesn’t prioritize items which are in stock
• Square Online infinite product scroll is broken on Edge and Chrome on Windows. Reported but ignored. Must use manual pagination option instead which kills engagement.
• Sales must be added to each item. Should be able to add sale to categories!
• Square Online should allow filtering shop by Brand not just category