Not authorized to take payments with location_id=M4TJJ3R9AR3HZ

I saw that there was a topic that said the location id appeared to be associated with the developer account and needs to be associated with the merchant account. Because our company will at times be both the developer and the merchant does that mean we need to open a separate account? From our dashboard it looks like we are authorized to take payments.

Hi @tkspradley welcome to the forums!

No, you can definitely use your own account as both a developer (having an application) and a merchant. It sounds like you’re using an access token that belongs to a different merchant account, if you’re receiving that error though. I confirmed that the location in the title is activated for card processing, so it must be another issue. Feel free to share your Square application id and I can take a look, as I couldn’t find any errors around the location exactly.

Solved. Just needed the sun to go down and come back up. I was using the location ID NOT from the application id that the access token was from. I thought I had looked for the location ID previously but I guess not. Thank you very much.

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