Error: This merchant does not have a location with the ID


I am reworking a call to the checkout API but getting an error saying “This merchant does not have a location with the ID…”

I’m signed into the API Explorer with my developer account and the application ID is properly populating the Access Token from the dropdown.

I’ve tried a few of my various locations pulled from the locations section of the Square Developer Portal, so not sure why it’s throwing this error?

Any ideas @sjosey?

Thanks for providing your app id, but I’m not seeing the above error with the CreateCheckout call. In fact, I see several successful checkouts being created over the last few hours. Can you clarify when you’re seeing this, or perhaps you’re using a sandbox application id instead?

Update: I did find your sandbox application id calling it, not your production application. However, you’re using a production location_id, and not your sandbox location_id.

Thanks a lot for your response!

I was making calls to initialize the changes from my app itself, that would explain the calls you’re seeing.

I do like to use the API explorer first of course, so not sure how I overlooked using sandbox vs production location_id. Thanks again for all of your help with this and beyond.

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