No Sales Data/Variation strangeness

So, we are using Square’s API for about 50+ customers with no problem (other than not being able to see open orders). But now we have a new customer that is experiencing a bunch of weird issues. For the items in Square, we create the variations. The customer can see all these items when they log into Square on their computer, but on their terminals, random variations on some items do not show up. All the variations are created the same way, using the same location ID, etc. does not seem like there is any reason for them not to display.

The other major problem is that we are receiving no sales data. The v2/orders/search query that we use successfully at all our other clients returns success status, but has no data, despite the fact that they have logged a great deal of sales and their Square reports reflect that.

One thing to note, they are using basic Square, not Square for Restaurants’ but I don’t think that has ever been an issue before