Images, sale price and weights aren't available for variations in API calls

We have found that we aren’t able to retrieve the following data points via the catalog API, Variation images, sale price, and weight.

Specifically when I query a variation via the “Retrieve catalog object” method for an object_id the only images we see for variations are in the “ecom_image_uris” section, but there seems to be no correlation to the actual variation. Beyond the main item’s image, we don’t appear to get the variation images.

We are not receiving weights for products that have weights attached to them nor the sale prices. Are these available to fetch via the API?

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Unfortunately, variation data like images, sale price and weight from the Square Online Store variations isn’t currently returned with the Catalog API.


Thank you for your reply here and in Slack which confirms that these properties are not currently returned with the Catalog API.

I’m writing this to ask when will these data be available, but first I’d like to stress the importance of this issue. We are a partner app that provides channel integrations and data feeds for product listings on Google, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, and the likes. Merchants expect to have these data in order to integrate with e-commerce channels that require these properties.

The sales price for specific variants should exist in the response without explaining why it’s important.

Like sales price, channels typically require accurate shipping costs displayed on listings as well. Weight is often used to calculate accurate shipping costs.

Lastly, variant-specific images are also important because they allow the channel listings to display the correct image for that item.

I can imagine these data are important for many other use cases as well.

Kindly, can you please provide any information about when we can expect these data to be available via Catalog API? The holiday season is rapidly approaching and we expect to onboard many merchants this year. I would hate to think that the best we can offer them is time-consuming workarounds because these data are not available via Square’s own API.


At this time we don’t have public roadmaps or timelines for new features and products. This is a very popular feature request and we hope to have more options for you soon, so thanks for your continued patience.