NEW Features for Terminal API, Orders API, Bookings API, and Loyalty API๐Ÿš€

NEW Features for Terminal API, Orders API, Bookings API, and Loyalty API :rocket:

Get excited! :raised_hands: We just released several brand-new features across multiple APIs in GA and beta. Check them out:

:credit_card: Terminal API: Orders, Delayed Captures, and Application Fees (GA in the US)

  • Orders Integration - Integrate Orders API with Terminal API and display itemized line items on the Square Terminal device. Unlock new use cases, like creating an order online and paying for it in-store.
  • Delayed Capture - Support sellers who want to authorize a payment upfront using Square Terminal, then wait to capture the funds until after the service has been completed or goods have been received.
  • App Fees - Monetize your Terminal API integration by automatically collecting a portion of each payment that your application processes as the application fee. No more need for manual work like sending out invoices to your sellers.

To learn more about using these features with Terminal API, read the docs here.

:credit_card: Terminal API: Receipt Action (Beta)

Enable sellers to print duplicate receipts using the Square Terminal built-in printer whenever their customers need a copy. Buyers can also choose to receive their receipts via text message or email.

:receipt: Orders API: Delivery Fulfillment Type (Closed Beta)

Create and read delivery orders to help sellers accurately surface delivery details in Order Manager and on order tickets. As this is a closed beta, you will need to request access to the feature. For instructions to request access, please read the note section in the docs found here.

:receipt: Orders API: Custom Attributes (Beta)

Create and store custom fields on orders, giving you the flexibility to provide additional context on purchases.

:spiral_calendar: Bookings API: Custom Attributes (GA)

Create and store custom fields on bookings, enabling you to provide additional information on appointments to simplify scheduling.

:handshake: Loyalty API: Item-Based & Category-Based Loyalty Promotions (GA)

You can now create Square Loyalty promotions based on items and categories. Use new item and category loyalty promotions to highlight special merchandise or clear out extra inventory.

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We got into the Delivery Fulfillment Beta and itโ€™s been working kind of well but we are having a huge issue, the Order Subject or Order Short ID is missing in the Delivery information and itโ€™s been impossible for our Delivery personal to communicate with our customers without that little piece of information. For example these 3 order subjects:

Square Online 251842213
UberEats 0C1AB
Postmates 53BC1
DoorDash 033D2557

The order.source is telling us where this orders came from, but the Order short id or the number you see at the end on each subject is missing form the whole API, while itโ€™s the key piece of information that the customer receives in the Notification email. We really need it in the Delivery fulfillment for the Square Online response and for UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, etc we need it in the Pickup response, these are deliveries for the customers but pickups for us.

So, can you include the Order.Subject or Order.Short.ID into the Fulfillment responses? now that itโ€™s in the Beta testing?

Iโ€™ll definitely pass this on to the team. :slightly_smiling_face: