Unboxed 2022: Cash App Pay, Bookings API, Checkout API, Terminal API, Custom Attributes for Customers API

:drum::drum::drum: We released shiny new :sparkles: APIs, features, and payment methods :sparkles: at Unboxed today — just for you! In case you missed it, here’s what’s new:

  • :money_mouth_face: Cash App Pay for fast and familiar online checkout experiences with Cash App. Just write a few lines of code within your Web Payments SDK integration to add Cash App Pay to your online checkout flow, and customers can start paying with their Cash App accounts. Learn more.

  • :spiral_calendar: Bookings API in general availability so you can extend the power of Square Appointments to your app. The API lets you create and manage bookings, search availability of staff members, and features new seller-level permissions and supports list bookings. Learn more.

  • :shopping_cart: Checkout API as a new early access version with expanded payment methods like Afterpay and ACH, flexible configurations to accept payments through any channel, and additional checkout features such as subscriptions and custom form fields. Learn more.

  • :credit_card: Terminal API beta features including order itemization on the Terminal, delayed capture to authorize a payment upfront and collect funds later, card on file for recurring purchases, and app fees so you can monetize on payments processed via Terminal API. Learn more.

  • :grinning: Custom Attributes beta for Customers API which extends custom fields from Square Customer Directory to your app, so you can make it easier for sellers to collect and manage customer information. Learn more.

Feel free to leave comments or questions in this channel if you have any questions. Now time to get building! :hammer:

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For the new Checkout API are there any plans to allow a developer to add an already created Order? Also, it’s difficult to test the new Checkout API using the sandbox endpoint as it has an unusual confirmation workflow view rather than an actual checkout, how do I make the sandbox show a proper checkout for testing?