NEW Releases: Loyalty Promotions, Custom Attributes, Webhook Management API 🎉

:star: Loyalty Promotions for Loyalty API is now generally available.

Developers can now enable new Square Loyalty promotions for sellers looking to customize their loyalty programs. This includes time-based incentives like bonus points earned for transactions that occur on specific days or times. Read the docs.

:grinning: Custom Attributes for Customers API is now generally available.
Custom attributes enable you to create and manage custom fields for customers within the Square Customer Directory. We have also released custom attributes search in beta, which gives you the flexibility to use the SearchCustomers endpoint to search and return a list of customer profiles based on their custom attributes. Read the docs here and here.

:hook: Webhooks Management API is now in beta.

Now you can programmatically create, update, delete, and test Webhook Subscriptions using Webhooks Management API instead of manually configuring them in the Developer Dashboard. This API enables complete automation of your webhooks, allowing more applications to bootstrap from scratch, easing automation for test environments, and enabling rotation of the webhook signature key. Read the docs.

These releases are available to developers in all countries where Square operates.

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions in this channel.

Hi Richard,

Not sure I am in right area but I run cafes and interested to create Smart tap loyalty and payment together with tap n go.
is it possible that customer tap first time and square identity customer for loyalty purpose and second tap for payment?

Any help would be appreciated.



@chimona are you meaning that you would like to do this with Terminal API?

It is currently the case that if you’re subscribed to Loyalty with Square, that a customer is prompted after a payment to either put in their loyalty account phone number, or sign up for a loyalty account.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your prompt response. We are using Square POS at the moment and ideally we like the following if possible.

Customers place an order but due to the fast paced cafe environment we don’t want to ask the customer name for loyalty all the time. So is it possible to identify customers through NFC (mobile phone)- Customers tap their phone to identify them so they can get loyalty points.

Customers place an order and proceed through payment either cash or credit card. Pls see sample video link below

See if it’s possible with Square POS.


Chirag Patel

The Square POS currently only supports payment functionality for all card reader activities. It doesn’t support reading non-payment devices (i.e. loyalty cards, membership cards, etc…).

Hi Richard,

Does Square register support NFC reader ( Bluetooth or USB connected) for loyalty card details?



Chirag Patel

No, it currently only supports payment types for NFC functionality.

@wootmoot I’m working with webhook subscriptions and get the error The merchant must authorize your application for the following scopes: DEVELOPER_APPLICATION_WEBHOOKS_READ.

I added the required scope DEVELOPER_APPLICATION_WEBHOOKS_READ but error still here. And I cannot found any documents about that scope. Could you please take a look?


With Webhooks Subscriptions you can’t use an OAuth access token. You’ll need to use your personal access token to call the endpoints since your subscribing to webhook events programmatically for your application. :slightly_smiling_face:

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