Login to Sandbox test account with email and password

I am developing an application that will require vendors to authorize their square accounts to accept payments. I want to enable some people to test the product without actually providing their real Square account info, so I want to give them a Sandbox test account they can use.

I need to be able to Add Sandbox test accounts from the Developer dashboard. And then send people email and password credentials that they can use to login to these accounts.

Where can I get the email and passwords for the Sandbox test accounts? I can find the email under each Sandbox test account’s Account settings page. They look like [email protected] for example. And I see below the email that there is an option to update the account password. However, I don’t know what the password is. How can I choose or determine passwords for Sandbox test accounts?


At this time with the Square sandbox test accounts there isn’t an individual email/password for each account that you can use to log in with. It all accessible in the Developer Dashboard with the Square login. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan. So if I want to let people test our app on their own devices using Square sandbox test accounts, I’ll need to give them access to the actual developer account, and then they’ll need to create their own Square sandbox test accounts? Is there any easier way? I’m afraid that will make it impossible to test what we want to test.

In all honesty the Square sandbox test accounts weren’t built to be shared and tested with potential customers like this. Ideally if they want to test your application they should create a Square account and OAuth to your application for sandbox testing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What if you need to modify the timezone of that test account? I have tried this but am prompted for the account password, which doesn’t exist.

What are the steps to replicate this? I just updated the timezone of my test account and wasn’t prompted for a passcode. Also whats your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face: