LocationsApi Coordinates Field Always Empty even with a valid address

Is there a reason for the Coordinates field if it’s never hydrated? Will this ever be hydrated if there is a valid address? Is the Coordinates field only filled in when creating a location via the api?

Hi @SweatyWrangler welcome to the forums!

Could you provide a location_id that doesn’t have the coordinates populated? I tested creating via the API and via the Square Dashboard, and see it populated in both instances.

It’s a Sandbox location but I was under the impression there would be some kind of test data for that as well. The locationId is LRSPKAQKPGJ61

Ah, I’m guessing this is due to it being in sandbox (I’ll try to find out for sure). In Production, are you able to see the coordinates of your locations?

No idea. I am just getting started and trying to get everything working with the Sandbox. I’ll have to make up some test data for the moment. Hopefully it works when I’m ready to start testing integration with something in production