Can't open Location Details in Default Sandbox App

I appear to have stumbled across a bug in the developer sandbox.
Steps to reproduce…

  1. Starting from the Square Developer Portal
  2. Click the Open button by the Default Test Account
  3. From the left side nav, click Account & Settings
  4. From the next left side nav click Business, then Locations
  5. Hover over Default Test Account and notice that it turns blueish. Click
  6. Watch the next page never load. Spinner spins but never completes.

Anyone have a work-around?

Hi @DavidHVernon welcome to the forums!

I’m seeing the same as you, so I’ve escalated to the owning team. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I’ll be sure to update this thread once it’s been resolved!

Thanks, Man. Any thoughts on a work around? I’m trying to assign a geographic location( lat, lon) to the default store.

Maybe drop in a new location and delete the default one?

I think you should be able to use the UpdateLocation endpoint. I see coordinates as a parameter inside the location object, so you should be able to set it via the API.

Cool. Even easier! _