How to find Location ID

Hello, I am desperately trying to figure out how to find the proper location ID in our Square account for our third party ticket agent. The one in the sandbox from our developer dashboard doesn’t work. Nobody at square knows what I’m talking about. Any help will be useful. Thanks in advance.

Hi @glope720 welcome to the forums!

Can you clarify what you mean by the one in the sandbox doesn’t work? Doesn’t work in what sense? That should be your location_id, yes. Or, you can call ListLocations in the API to see your locations.

So at the top there is a togle that is sandbox or production. Where can I find the number to call Listlocations?

On that page, on the left-hand nav, you should see “Locations” which has your location ids (see screenshot below). I’m not sure what you mean by number…to call our APIs you would use the “access token”. You can see more about using it and basic requests here: