Why can't I see the newly created locations in square dashboard?

Hey Community,

I can see all the locations I created through locations-api in the developer dashboard, but I cant see them or modify them in the normal square dashboard. Am I missing a step here when creating a location via the api?

What environment are you creating the locations in and what’s your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square Hey Bryan! thanks for getting back to me. I was using the production api explorer by square and the production application ID is sq0idp-SZ0XRHRD5HjM51q54PIkUg.

I took a look at the account and I see all 30 locations. Are you selecting all location when viewing them from the Seller Dashboard?

Go to your calendar on your dashboard online. At the top right it will say add location. Until you add it there you won’t be able to see appointments. I just went through the same struggle sitting here for hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t switch between locations and see the new one.