Link receipt to third party customer profile


I would like to create a third party service that customers can sign up for and that vendors can integrate into their POS. The goal is to show the customers who have signed up their orders from whichever vendor has integrated the service.

Is there a way, after checkout, to check if the customer who has made the transaction has signed up for this 3rd party service? Currently my understanding is that this would require the third party to process every transaction to check this.

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Are you wanting to add this signup process to the Square app or is this your custom app? If you want the customer to sign up for an external service during checkout on the Square app it’s not currently possible today. 3rd party applications can’t directly integrate with the Square app at this time.

If your building your own customer POS and using our SDK to process the payment they you can definitely integrate the signup flow in your POS. :slightly_smiling_face:

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