Latency between APIs and the Square Dashboard when creating / modifying Customers?

I am experiencing strangeness in the Customer API. When I create a new customer from my mobile app, and then pop over to the Square Dashboard (not the developer dashboard, but the primary dashboard) I don’t necessarily see it right away. I haven’t fully characterized it, but it seems that it might take a few minutes for the record to populate.

Is that correct, or is something going on in my code that I don’t fully understand yet?

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The dashboard uses a search infrastructure that can cause a small delay before a customer is visually visible in the list. This can be true for customers created through the dashboard directly or via the API. I don’t think it should be taking several minutes, typically, though. It should be generally available within 60 seconds or so (no guarantee on that of course). Let me know if that makes sense or if you have additional questions.