Customer Phone Number delay in API Call

I have an API call that sends an automatic email to new customers and also logs their information in a google sheet. The “event” is a new customer created in Square from directory only.

I have noticed that in over 50% of cases, even though myself and my employees are entering in valid phone numbers for the customers when they create them fresh from directory via Square for Retail app on iPad, the phone number in the email/Google Sheet is blank.

Usually… I have to wait another 5-10 mins and hit the API endpoint again to get the phone number that was entered. Problem is… it is too late cause the email to the customer has already gone out and it has a nice fat blank spot where we state the phone number they gave us

Why is there a delay? Internet speed is very high, also happens on cellular iPads

Do you have an example customer_id that this happened with? :slight_smile:


any update on this issue?

this is still an issue for me, any assistance or updates?

What’s your application ID? I’m not seeing any API calls from the account that customer is associated with. :slightly_smiling_face: