Issues with store card using SCA

  1. Getting customers complaints about inability to save cards.
    – The Visa, Mastercard verification page shows up without any challenge and closes. But the card does not get stored to file on Square account.
    – For one of the UK banks - Santander, the verification flow does not complete. Even after the customer has authorised, the verification flow shows message “Please provide a response to the challenge before proceeding”.
    – Customers reporting time out errors when trying to add card.

We have integrated the React-Native-in-app SDK in our mobile app. in-app-payments-react-native-plugin/ at master · square/in-app-payments-react-native-plugin · GitHub

We use “react-native-square-in-app-payments” SDK version 1.7.2.

Are there known issues with the react native SDK?

What are the location_ids, application_id , time/date of errors? :slightly_smiling_face:

The latest of the issues where the Mastercard - Verification page shows up but closes without allowing user action, happened at -20 Jan 2023 16:43 GMT.

Around that time we were able to replicate the issue consistently.

The user was using iPhone 13 with latest iOS on 5g network.

Application id: sq0idp-o0N6k8PPRX5F8KexhSwhBw
Location id: LJP3SPSYJ7VB9

Do you get a verification failure message? Any logs? :slightly_smiling_face:

We are not logging the verification logs in current version of our app. Hoping the error messages are shown on the verification screens. On Sandbox we had verified the process by using the test cards.

Hey @raZaSat! No worries, we were able to find the error message based on the timestamp. The team’s still digging into this, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.