Getting a Error in React Native

After Creating Card nonce when I Hit Payment Api I get this Error:

{“code”: “USAGE_ERROR”, “debugCode”: “buyer_verification_bad_request”, “debugMessage”: “ConnectError(code=BAD_REQUEST, detail=Error authenticating with 3DS Server, field=null, category=INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR)”, “message”: “Something went wrong. Please contact the developer of this application and provide them with this error code: bad_request”}

What version of In-App Payments SDK are you using? Also was a verification_token included in the payment request? :slight_smile:

I’m using 1.7.3 SDK Version and also add verification_token in payment request.

Getting this Error while testing SCA process in Sandbox:

Card used:
Mastercard 5248 4800 0021 0034 111 Modal with Verification Code 123456

{“code”: “FAILED”, “debugCode”: “buyer_verification_1310”, “debugMessage”: “Failed verification of certificate chain from acsSignedContent Error code: [1310]”, “message”: “Failed verification of certificate chain from acsSignedContent Error code: [1310]”}

Does the verification flow work with any of the other SCA test values? Or do they all give you the same response? Also what’s your application ID? :slight_smile:

Application ID: sandbox-sq0idb-Sgg_TlORXIIHTjVeMT3MPQ

Yes, the verification flow typically works with following Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) test values.

Visa 4800 0000 0000 0004 111 No Challenge N/A
Mastercard 5222 2200 0000 0005 111 No Challenge N/A
Discover EU 6011 0000 0020 1016 111 No Challenge N/A

But not working with Modal with Verification Code Values.