React Native SDK - Card Entry API - Unexpected error code

When adding a card on my app I began to receive this error. It’s a react native app.

Using flipper I was able to see the request and it seems like there is no response to it!

How can I solve this issue? It seems like some network error.

The call is made to:
With this request body:

But no response appears to be given.

The error only occurs on iOS.

What version of In-App Payments SDK is the React Native plugin targeting? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there, our team is also experiencing this issue. We are targeting “react-native-square-in-app-payments”: “^1.2.3”. I have tried updating to the latest package (1.7.1) but the issue still occurs.

Would you mind sharing the application ID and location_id you’re experiencing this with?

Package version is 1.7.1.

Thanks for the tokens. What are the steps to reproduce?

Happens on our end anytime we try to add a card or directly make a payment. Making a payment with previously added cards works fine.

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Is this only in sandbox or is this happening in production.

The issue is only occurring in sandbox.

We haven’t tested on production. It’s happening on the sandbox for us.

The team has identified the issue and put a fix in place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just confirmed. Its working again. Thanks Bryan.