Issue: Square Scheduled Pickup Orders being printed instantly?

Hi we have a problem thats printing future scheduled orders to be printed instantly(attached) Please can you point out the issue here(attached Order Request JSON)
Order id : Ld87OUwhbVajrHpTcwdc3MObhSXZY

   "fulfillments": [
                "type": "PICKUP",
                "status": "PROPOSED",
                "pickup_details": {
                    "recipient": {
                        "display_name": "Sarah Shames"
                    "is_square_pickup_order": false,
                    "schedule_type": "SCHEDULED",
                    "note": "JoyUp PICKUP order from Sarah",
                    "pickup_at": "2024-02-20T19:15:00.000Z",
                    "auto_complete_duration": "PT120M",
                    "prep_time_duration": "PT5M",
                    "pickup_window_duration": "PT120M",
                    "expires_at": "2024-02-16T10:24:01-08:00"

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