Is it possible to use Square as a Payment Gateway?

Our company is currently using the kill-bill payment( system and we are considering using Square as a Payment Gateway. We need the recurring payment API but I can’t find the information that I want on your web.

We plan to implement it with the killbill plugin(The version of killbill we are using is 0.18.7).
killbill Payment Plugin information: Payment Plugin Overview

The killbill plugin uses Java and our backend server is also built in Java (Spring Framework).
We would appreciate it if you could let us know if Square can be used as a payment gateway.

Thanks very much in advance.

:wave: With our APIs you can setup recurring payments from your customers. Square doesn’t currently have a direct partnership with Kill Bill, so I recommend reaching out to this company directly for help.

Also since your backend is in Java and if you choose to build the integrations you can use our Java SDK.

Thanks for your reply!
So do you think I can make this work in our system(Kill Bill) using Square’s APIs?
Client management, invoicing, and subscription functions are already provided by the Kill Bill system, so I think we just need a token from the customer’s credit card for recurring payments. (This is just my opinion.)

I found this post, Recurring charges with PHP and Card on File | by Tristan Sokol | Square Corner Blog | Medium on your blog. Does it fit the requirements I’m looking for?

Actually, I asked Kill Bill this question a month ago and I got a reply ‘It should be possible’. But I don’t know where to start.

I’m sorry for annoying you.

Thanks and Regards,

p.s : You said ‘With our APIs you can setup recurring payments from your customers.’. Can I get a link or examples for this?

Honestly, I’m not familiar with Kill Bills system and something that would need to be explored with their developer documentation. You will need a Square generated source_id for processing the payments with Square.

As for the blog post there is a lot of deprecated APIs and the deprecated SqPaymentForm being used in the post. We don’t recommend using the tools in that post and recommend using our new Web Payments SDK and the Payments API. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.