Inventory API endpoint returning 500 socket hang up errors

I use the inventory api endpoint as part of our category/inventory solution. Yesterday I noticed that all my calls to the batch-retrieve-counts endpoint were failing with a 500 error after hanging for 1 minute, and the error coming back says “socket hang up”.

Wondering if this is something that has happened before with this API? Could I be sending too many requests (5000-6000 per day this week)?

We are getting 1minute timeouts on create order (Order API).

A networking configuration change made today at 12:23 EDT should have fixed this problem.

Hi There,

We’re experience this issue again. Our calls to square V2 endpoints are timing out with socket endpoint errors. Is there any outage with the system?

/v2/inventory/batch-retrieve-counts is one of the endpoints that gives the error, calling

:wave: I’m not seeing any current issues. What’s your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

Our application ID is sq0idp–BB896f7nMdcBxUucYHSHA

I’m not finding that application ID. Are you sure that’s the right app ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

That app ID is correct. We have evidence in our logging that this issue has happened 11 times in the last half hour.

What the merchant_id or location_id?

L6RHW0111R2AT is a location ID that has experienced the error

Okay, I was able to find the application now. Looks like there’s an additional - in the appID that was missing: sq0idp--BB896f7nMdcBxUucYHSHA. Looking at your API Logs there hasn’t been a 5xx for inventory since the previous issues that was reported resolved. The last non 2xx for that location that you provided was on 6/21. :slightly_smiling_face: