Batch Inventory Counts API Call

I am trying to get a full list of all my current inventory counts. This is my current code using the connect nodejs SDK:

    var inventoryApiInstance = new SquareConnect.InventoryApi();
    var param: SquareConnect.BatchRetrieveInventoryCountsRequest = {location_ids: ['G8BGBETP8ZQAV']};
    var body = new SquareConnect.BatchRetrieveInventoryCountsRequest(parm); // BatchRetrieveInventoryCountsRequest | An object containing the fields to POST for the request.  See the corresponding object definition for field details.

    return inventoryApiInstance.batchRetrieveInventoryCounts(body).then((data) => {

        console.log('Recieved ', data.counts.length, ' items')
    }, function(error) {

I have 25 items in my account, present at all locations (there are 5). They all have only 1 variation. So my understanding is that this API call should return an object with a length of 25 items. If I remove the param definition, I would expect to receive 125 (25 items across 5 locations) responses. However, in both scenarios, the response object has a length of 100 items?

Am I missing something?

Not 100% sure, as we don’t seem to document it, but it’s very possible this endpoint has a max page of 100 items, so you would need to use the cursor to call the endpoint again to get the next page. Are you receiving a cursor in the response?

Thanks for coming back to me - I did think that. But I am not getting any cursor reply and even on requests which should be returning less than 100 responses, I am still getting the same behaviour?