Batch-retrieve-counts page size?


So, I want to sync the inventory of my client catalog to his web application.

Everything works like a charm, but I can’t find anywhere the page_size for the response of this endpoint √.

My customer doesn’t have a lot of products, but I would love to be sure if I must handle the pagination in my one time call to this endpoint(gonna use webhook for further inventory changes).

Furthermore, looks like this endpoint doesn’t handle the limit param to specify custom page_size. Wich I would have use to set the limit to 1, to test my implementation. But now ? I’m kind in the dark and don’t want to add a lots of items in my sandbox until the endpoint return me a cursor.


What’s the page size of /v2/inventory/batch-retrieve-counts endpoint

Hi @pierolivier welcome to the forums!

I checked in with the team and it looks like the size will be 1,000 currently. I’ve shared with the team to see if we can get this documented, though.

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Hi @sjosey

thanks for the quick reply, I finally did some test with the cursor everything works fine.

Juste for your information, the page size for this endpoint was 100 and not 1k :slight_smile:

Thank you