Batch Inventory Counts Missing Counts?

I’d like to get all the IN_STOCK inventory for a location at once, but I’ve noticed that BatchInventoryCounts [1] seems to return fewer results than I’d expect. There are inventory levels being set on a location that are not being returned. I’ve validated that they have inventory counts by calling the RetrieveInventoryCount [2] endpoint. I’m not hitting any cursor/pagination logic either, this is a very small set of items/variations

Why would some items not show in the batch call, though they can be retrieved via the individual count call?


What are the object ID for the items that aren’t being returning inventory counts? :slightly_smiling_face:

In the sandbox environment the object is an item variation with the ID “HAGVOK5UWB524DX2HQPWCQXD”

For the single inventory count api request I get a count indicating it’s got 4 in stock. From the batch inventory count api I dont see any counts for this ID

Thanks for providing the example. I’ve replicated this and the team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hy @Bryan-Square Have your team found its solution? Because I am also facing the same issue.

If you make a change to the variation does it resolve the issue? For example a recount? :slightly_smiling_face: