How to have an adjustable quantity using Checkout API?

I need to generate a payment link that allows the customer to change the quantity they want to buy. Ideally I could also set a minimum and maximum range. I have played around with all configurations of the checkout API from the documentation here: POST /v2/online-checkout/payment-links - Square API Reference

How can I make the quantity adjustable?

P.s. When setting “enable_coupon” to True on the “checkout_options”, there is a bug that never shows the coupon box on the checkout page.

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Additional Documentation

Optional Checkout Configurations
Checkout API Overview
Square Order Checkout

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The Checkout API currently does not support the ability for customers to adjust the quantity of an item in the checkout page. The quantity of an item is determined by the order that is created when you generate the payment link. Regarding the “enable_coupon” field, it should be noted that this field only controls the visibility of the coupon section on the checkout page. However, the actual availability of coupons for use is determined by whether the seller has any active Square Marketing coupons. If there are no active coupons, the coupon section will not appear even if “enable_coupon” is set to true. :slightly_smiling_face: