How to get the POS URL to open for an item in Square?


We are trying to get the POS URL of an item, so that clicking the URL will open up the item edit page below on Sqaure.

  1. Wonder is there an api for it?
  2. We try to solve it by using the Square Item Library static url prefix + the selected shopify product id
    e.g. \{shopify_product_id}\

Wonder if the url prefix is immutable against different countries or user customization so it always work.

The category “PleaseWork” cracked me up. Hope you find a solution!


Hey @tianhong! :wave: At this time the URL prefix does not change based on region or account configuration, but I would not recommend building functionality in your app that relies on it. This isn’t really something that Square is intending for developers to use, so there’s the possibility that the behavior changes in the future.

I am curious to know what your use case is for this though!

Our software has had integration with Square POS so users can sync and pull their Square POS items to our webpage.
User can view the items on our page but we still want them to be able to jump to exactly where their item is located on Square, that’s why we want to create the URL that opens for the item on Square.

Got it, thanks for elaborating. We don’t have any plans to support this that I can share, but I’ll make note of your use case for the team!

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