How to get employee information who captured the payment?

I was using the EmployeeAPI till now, but now I see that it’s deprecated. Where can I get the information about the employee/team member who captured the payment? using PaymentsAPI/OrdersAPI.

:wave: The employee_id will be in the payment object from the Payments API if the employee entered their passcode and completed the payment in the POS. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response. So the employee_id in the payment object is null but I do see the Employee details when I export the Transactions. Any way I can get that info through the API?

What’s the payment_id?

Looking at the payment 3dN09JE3TsXB8lvAsrR5ONCeuaB I do see that the employee_id is included in the response from the GetPayment request. :slightly_smiling_face: