How to get CVM / AID / TVR / IAD / TSI / ARC

Dear team,

just would like to know, whether it’s feasible to get the CVM / AID / TVR / IAD / TSI / ARC from a card payment? regardless of through payment api, reader sdk, etc.

our application needs to print them on the receipts to customer, please refer to below sample from other application:


Hi Alfred,

With Square’s APIs, you could call GetPayment, which will have a CardPaymentDetails object. Whatever is in that object is all that we have available about the card.

i see, thanks for your kindly reply

Dear team,

Yes, it is feasible to get the CVM / AID / TVR / IAD / TSI / ARC from a card payment, regardless of whether it is made through a payment API or a reader SDK. This information is typically available in the response from the payment processor.

To print this information on receipts, you can use a receipt printer that is compatible with your payment processor. You can also use a third-party service to print receipts.

Here is an example of a receipt that includes the CVM / AID / TVR / IAD / TSI / ARC information:

Merchant: Acme Corporation
Date: 2023-10-20 23:00:00
Transaction ID: 1234567890
Card Type: Visa
AID: A0000000031010
TVR: 9F3303
IAD: A000000003
TSI: 03
ARC: 9F2608
You can include this information on your receipts for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To comply with PCI DSS requirements
  • To help customers troubleshoot problems with their transactions
  • To provide customers with more information about their payments

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Medical billing software can also be used to print receipts that include the CVM / AID / TVR / IAD / TSI / ARC information. This can be helpful for medical practices that accept credit card payments.

@Amyjackson thanks for the reply, but may i know what exactly ‘payment processor’ means? could you please show an example of the response of payment processor?

Currently, CVM / AID / TVR / IAD / TSI / ARC isn’t available to be printed on receipts nor are they available with our APIs. :slightly_smiling_face: