Terminal Reader

Hi , I have recently successfully integrated Terminal Reader ( API ) with a clients Web Application . It all works well , although I have noticed that when logged in to a Terminal Reader device using the allocated device code and you issue a checkout that you have no way of manually entering details??

Tap / Insert works well and as expected …


At this time with the Terminal API this is the expected behavior and manually keying the card in isn’t available.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for this … My next question will be how can I process a card manually via an API . I can capture the card details securely but I would like to call a SquarePay API that will allow me to process under a client account .

I had a look under the payments API … but wasnt sure how I could pass the actually details… It would be like a MOTO type payment…


You can use Card on File to charge customers saved cards using the Payments API.

Unfortunately with our APIs we the ability to populate a form for a MOTO type payment isn’t currently available.

Hi Bryan,

Is it on the wish list ?.. as I will need to temporarily use another third party provider for manual entry payments , that will allow me to integrate with my clients application…

It’s a shame as I would of like to just work with the one provider. For account customers I can use and have tested the card on file approach , although they have many casual customers that come in that dont have the card on them … but they have the details or they call someone for the details…

I’m fairly new, but I suspect you could do this with the current payment form; that is, enter the card as you would for an internet order.