Features and Limitations of Square API

Hey there,

Our company uses an in-house developed windows based .net CRM system to which we would like to add card & phone payment capability.

Am I right in thinking that Square is able to supply the appropriate hardware and API access to make this happen?

What hardware would I need to get started and are there any limitations I need to be aware of?

Essentially in the first instance I want to be able to select a product on our CRM click a ‘card payment button’ and have that amount displayed on the card reader hardware ready for the customer to tap or insert their phone/card and then to be able to verify the success of the transaction and log the id etc in our CRM.

Does this sound achievable ?

If your going to take in person payments and have the customer tap or insert the card you’ll want to use Terminal API since your using a Windows based CRM. Square Terminal API enables you to connect your Terminal device to any third-party POS software, so you can accept and process payments on the Terminal device and automatically send payment info back to your POS system.
To get started, please visit our Terminal API documentation. :slightly_smiling_face: