CVV and AVS with Apple Pay


We have validations for CVV and AVS for card payments, When we do Apple Payment, it’s returning an error that CVV/AVS failed.

The question is, How to handle CVV/AVS with Apple Pay?

What validations are you referring to? Are you referring to the validations from Risk Manager? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m talking about code-level validations,

We are PHP and below is the code which is detecting a response from the square API

$rawData = json_decode($apiResponse->getBody());
$cvvStatus = $rawData->payment->card_details->cvv_status;
$avsStatus = $rawData->payment->card_details->avs_status;

if ($cvvStatus == ‘CVV_ACCEPTED’ && $avsStatus == ‘AVS_ACCEPTED’) {

Somehow the CVV and AVS status is not the same as required.

This is the expected behavior for Apple Pay. Currently cvv_status and avs_status can be not checked for Apple Pay payments and the payment will succeed. :slightly_smiling_face: