Get Access Token from Square Dashboard

I have a square account and i took “Access Token” and “Location Id” from developer dashboard for api. I have more clients with square account. I need to add their access token in my site so when their customers checkout from my site, money will go to their account. My clients find it difficult to go to square developer account and get production credentials. Is there any other easy way get access token like, from their square dashboard or any api which return credentials when they log in to square

Yes, absolutely! You should be using the OAuth API to onboard your Square merchants/clients. Your application will provide them with an OAuth authorization link which will basically ask them for their permission to allow your application to access certain properties of their account. If they accept, it will redirect to your application URL with a code that you can then exchange for an access token, so the client never knows anything about the access. Token.

Take a look at our documentation on OAuth.