Error: Declined - Not Authorized To Take Payments With Location_id=

Hello everyone,

I currently use the Square API as an integration to receive payment on another platform, TimeTap. Recently, I have not been able to capture CC purchases, ultimately resulting in this error when tracing down the issue.


I have reached out to TimeTap’s support as well about this issue, to which I’m informed that the issues are stemming from my Square end.

I send a ticket out to Square and they redirect me to TimeTap support because “This is because Square doesn’t currently have a direct partnership with TimeTap”.

I have tried relinking the integration, removing the third-party access from Square->Timetap and reinitiated it, but am still having the same error.

So at this point I’m not really sure how to address or fix this issue

Since the release of the new version of Tap to Pay, I have been encountering a persistent issue with my Moto Z4 running Android 10. Previously, I could simply disable developer options, restart my phone, and the problem would be resolved. However, now I am continuously faced with the error message “Reader unavailable: secure session denial.”
Also, I’m continuously getting “square reader unavailable server error” and “square reader failed to connect”.
Please see the comments under How To Set Up Tap to Pay on Android in the Square App - YouTube, lots of people having the same issues recently.

(Sorry, I cannot post my topic and ended up putting it here in reply)

Hi nynth,
I am sorry to say that I have the same answer Square support.
Although Square integrates with TimeTap to process payments, all API functions are operated and managed by TimeTap. For help with TimeTap-specific questions, you’ll need to contact their support team directly.

Hi Greenlake,
This does not really seemed related to dev tools or APIs, as Tap To Pay is not available to developers at this time.
If as a Square seller you are having an troubleshooting issues, feel free to ask your question in our Seller Community.

Also @nynth, if TimeTap’s developers that a look and believe it is a Square side issue, they can feel free to contact Square :slight_smile: .