Endpoint for getting full calendar

Is there an endpoint, or set of endpoints, we can use to get all events on the Square Appointments calendar?

We have recently implemented an appointment booking flow using the Booking API, and store the booked events on our end, but our Square calendar is also synced with a Google Calendar, has ever-changing availability, etc.

Our goal now is to essentially re-build the Square Appointments dashboard in our custom backend because for whatever reason the Appointment webhooks are only sent for Bookings that are booked/modified via the API, and we need to keep track of modified appointment details…

That being said, it would be extremely useful to grab the entire Square calendar from an API endpoint. Is this currently possible? If not, is it on the roadmap?

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The Bookings API doesn’t currently allow access to bookings created via first-party products unfortunately, if that’s what your’e asking, which is documented here:

The Bookings API is intended to enable customers of a seller to create bookings on the seller’s booking site or via a third-party booking application. The current permission model does not provide access to bookings created in the Square first-party products or via other applications. The current API is not well suited for merchant management of bookings.

It’s definitely a feature request that has been asked before, but I do not currently have an ETA on when/if it’s coming.

Thank you! I feel like I’ve read those docs 100 times but must have just skipped over that section haha.

Is there some sort of dev newsletter I can sign up for to stay in the loop on new API features?

You can add up to three email addresses on this page: https://developer.squareup.com/settings to receive updates via email. As far as I know, we typically send one email per month, near the end of the month, summarizing anything new or that has significantly changed.