How to acquire calendar data through public API?

Hi Team,

I’m developing a mobile app and I want to extract calendar dada of square app? Do we have any public API to do this?


With the Bookings API you can get all the bookings that were created with the API.
The Bookings API lets you create applications for sellers so that buyers can create and manage bookings with them. Using the API, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Retrieve bookings and inspect the details of each booking, including services to be provided, bookable team members providing the services, and the location where the customer receives the services.
  • Search for the availability of a service, team member, and location to facilitate a booking. The returned availability can be turned into a booking by adding a customer.
  • Maintain bookings, including the creation, update, and cancellation of a booking.:slightly_smiling_face:

You can now do this with our new seller-scoped permissions. Please see here for more information: Manage Bookings for Square Sellers

This is my use case: customer’s phone have both official square app and another app developed by me:myApp. Customer want to import the calendar info from square app to myApp. Can the APIs support this case. How can we do this?

You can use the ListBookings endpoint with seller scoped permissions to do this. Please reference our support docs for more information here.