Custom Notes on LineItems/Order for CreatePaymentLink

I am trying to find out how to add customer visible “notes” to line items on an order when using the dotnet payments/checkout api, specifically the CreatePaymentLink method.

I have tried metadata on the line item and the order, does not show.
I tried using Note on the line item and that does not show.
I tried PaymentNote on the RequestBuilder, do not show either.

What I am trying to add is some configuration options that I do not want to add into Square itself as there are hundreds of options and tens of thousands of combinations. I want these visible to the customer when they are making payment.

Thanks to anyone who can help me figure this out!

Is it my understanding that you want the customer to select one of these options when they’re on our checkout page? And that option would then be visible in the order on the device that’s receiving the order?

Other then the options you pointed out there is custom_fields however again those aren’t visible to the Square seller when the order pushes to the device. Unfortunately there isn’t any additional configurable fields that would accomplish this. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do not believe we have an understanding. I am using this API to create the payment link:
POST /v2/online-checkout/payment-links - Square API Reference (

I am sending the link to the buyer on my website and redirecting their page to the payment page. I want the buyer to be able to see the “notes” for these customizations but cannot figure out how to make them visible to the buyer.

For a hypothetical example: I have an item that my company rents out on a per hour, daily, or weekly basis. This item can be customized based on size, color, shape, and firmness.

Size has 12 options.
Color has 14 options.
Shape has 5 options.
Firmness has 5 options.

In this case, there is 12,600 variations.

I do not want to populate all those in Square Seller, and instead want to place the buyer’s specific choices in a “note” or some kind of freeform text field within the order or lineitem.
Does this make more sense?

At this time aside from adding the variations to the name of the line item there isn’t the ability to display any additional notes on the page where the customer enters their information. :slightly_smiling_face:

How do we transform this into a Feature Request?

@Bryan-Square Can you confirm what the setNote method does then on the OrderLineItem object? All the docs say is “The note of the line item” which doesn’t specify where it shows.

The note thats included in the line item will show on the receipt and in the transaction on the Seller Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face: