Checkout Page Problem

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I’m posting here because I can’t solve this problem.

When I want to place a test or real order I get this message: “An error occurred, please try again or try an alternate form of payment”


I have created a test site with WP staging. The sandbox mode is activated and well synchronized.

I did a theme conflict test = nothing changed

I did a plugin conflict test : When the cartflow pro plugin is activated, I get this error.

I cleared my cache and cookie etc… no change.

I have already contacted woocommerce and cartflow pro support.

Woocommerce support redirected me to cartflow support, cartflow support redirects me to you.

Carflow support also provided me this: “An error occurred, please try again or try an alternate form of payment” |

I tried to make changes (add a second address, etc etc, nothing works for me).

This error is blocking me because I can’t cash out the customers… I really need help to solve this problem.

The debug mode is active. So I have several logs to provide, here are the error messages at the staging website level.


The most common reason for the order to fail is this: customer_not_found

(I’m ordering from my admin account) I tried in private browsing, it’s the same.

However, there is a strange thing, when the admin access I gave to cartflow support does a test command, it works for him!


I tried to connect with his access and other access it also worked. However, on the live site, it doesn’t work for all of us.

Here are the “logs” concerning the debug mode : (impossible to add here : 20000 characters max allowed)

I can of course provide an access to my woocommerce.

I really need your help ! It’s already been 5 days that I’m blocked…

Waiting for your return.

Have a nice day


I took a look at this and I’m seeing a few different Square accounts that have the integration connected to it. I did find the customer_id that’s in the error message you shared. It belongs to the VCH PERFORMANCE account. Is that the account that’s connected to the WP integration? :slightly_smiling_face: