Square for WooCommerce freeze due to "INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR" "code": "NOT_FOUND", "detail": "Resource not found."

Square for WooCommerce working on an off, I was able to reproduce the issue and here’s what I found.
The page freezes and keeps loading indefinitely, no order is created and no payement error is logged.

Front end gives this error

The link give this error


"errors": [


"code": "NOT_FOUND",

"detail": "Resource not found."




And the logs are as follows

body: {
"customer": {
"created_at": "2024-06-10T22:11:29.755Z",
"updated_at": "2024-06-10T22:11:29Z",
"given_name": "Test",
"family_name": "Test",
"email_address": "[email protected]",
"address": {
"address_line_1": "8075 W 3rd St",
"locality": "Los Angeles",
"administrative_district_level_1": "CA",
"postal_code": "90036",
"country": "US"
"phone_number": "3106665522",
"reference_id": "1",
"preferences": {
"email_unsubscribed": false
"creation_source": "THIRD_PARTY",
"segment_ids": [
"version": 0

Have you reached out to WooCommerce about this? This is where the card is being tokenized. They should be either destroying the form and reloading so the code path that tokenized the card is available. :slightly_smiling_face: