Changing currency from USD to GBP in payments API

I am a developer and I have created a website using python-flask from scratch and successful in integrating squareup payments through API. I have created an app in squareup and attached it to my website.

I am using the sandbox environment now. One thing I want to know about the currency that how can I change the currency? like I saw the code of amount is like this:

amount = {'amount': 19900, 'currency': 'USD'}

If i change the ‘USD’ to any other currency like ‘GBP’, it is giving me currency error on form submission. so please tell me how can i change my currency from USD to GBP.


Hi @faiz_ahmed, welcome to the forums!

You can only charge using the currency of the country the Square Seller account is based in. For example, if you create a Square account in the United States, then whenever you use the API, it must use USD as the currency, there is no way to charge GBP. With that said, you can definitely receive payments from customers not using USD, but you’ll need to charge them in USD. For example, a customer from the UK can buy a product from your US account, you’ll need to charge them in USD, and then their bank will handle the conversion from USD to GBP.

My account is from the US, in US dollars, but traveling (for work) in the UK, and tried charging four different credit cards from customers who are UK residents last night, converting the amount to US dollars. Each time the payment was declined. Apparently Square is not accepting payment through those UK card accounts.

The country of your account will determine the currency your able to charge. At the moment, there isn’t a way to adjust the currency accepted for your account. You can still accept international cards however you’re only able to charge in USD. :slightly_smiling_face: